About Me

Hey folks. I am Kristy, your best cooking adviser based on experience of myself as I always do my best to find the best options of healthy food for my family. When you live with a big family, want you or not you need to do research every time when it comes to cooking and meals or else you will end up bankrupt. At first it was very hard, but after several times of the same activity I am aware of all the techniques on how to find cheapest yet healthiest food.

There are special shops that offer discount on the food the date of which will expire in a day. I always buy those foods and prepare them right away. As a result, my family doesn’t eat outdated food and I save lots of money. You can’t go without these smart techniques in the modern world. Why not take advantage of these offers and use them as a benefit to yourself?

Also, I have shortlisted the foods we consume to the healthiest and no one in my family spends money on chips and fast food, various artificially flavored fruit sweets and what not. Even juices – I do not let my family members drink cartons of juices, instead of it I buy fruits and berries of the season from a market where you can drop prices and make natural juice in a bigger amount making sure all the vitamins and minerals of the fruits are kept inside.

I do smart shopping. I never waste money on food that equals to rubbish and will harm our health. I never go shopping on an empty stomach as in that case I will buy whatever my eyes catch without realizing is it worth trying or not. Every time I make up a shopping list and follow it strictly.

With these helpful tips cooking for a larger family becomes fun and enjoyable activity.