Best Ways to Cook Steak

All my guests were amazed by the juicy and tender piece of meat they tried – steak. After hearing so many nice words for the steak I made, I decided to share the tips I used in order for you to cook excellent steak for your family and guests. The steak will have a beautiful flavor and texture.

I have prepared detailed tips that need to be used during the cooking.

Before starting the process of preparation we need to take the steak out of the fridge in order to leave it to get a room temperature. Half an hour or an hour is quite enough. We do this to have an equally fried steak because if we fry it just from cold the heat will not penetrate to the middle. One top important tip – make sure the frying pan is super-hot as we need to place the steak just on a hot pan to have a more caramelized steak.

We can make the steak either medium-rare or medium so we need to be very careful at this part because if we do not keep this and cook the steak more, we will end up with a tough meat and not a juicy, tender steak. We need to turn the steak every minute to have a great result.

Once the steak is cooked do not hurry to pick it up. Just leave the steak for some minutes and rub some extra virgin olive oil in order to have an incredible, juicy steak.

The preparation process

As for the preparation of the meat, we need to take several steps – rub all the steak with plenty of olive oil and season the meat with some sea salt and black pepper.

Once the meat is seasoned, we need to place the steak on a hot, very hot pan and cook for 6 minutes if you are making a medium-rare steak and make sure you turn the steak every minute as this part is very important. Actually, this is the key to the best juicy and tender steak ever.

If you do not like plain steak and you are a fan of a rich flavor you can use the following secret – we can halve a garlic and rub it on the steak each time we turn it. Also, we can rub on the steak some butter every time we turn the steak and we will have an amazingly tender and juicy steak with a rich flavor.

We can also rub some herbs like rosemary or thyme on the steak every time we turn it. To add more creativity, we can make a brush of the herbs by simply putting the herbs on the edge of a wooden spoon and brushing the steak.

We can then take the steak out of the pan, slice it nicely with a sharp knife and add the juices left on the pan on top of the steak for it to soak all the juices.

To make it look even nicer and more appetizing we can add various sauces like salsa verde or horseradish sauces, or anything that comes to your mind, even grilled vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, eggplants, asparagus, pepper and beans.

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