Is Canned Food Healthy?

We all know it is healthy to eat more fruits and vegetables. Many people prefer fresh food from the supermarket. Fresh fruits and vegetables are tastier than the canned ones but canned food is good too. Contrary to popular notion, canning does not cause massive nutrient loss in fresh foods. Studies show that canned food is a safe and healthy alternative to fresh foods.

Because canned fruits and vegetables are harvested and processed on the same day, nutrient and vitamin loss is kept to a minimum.  Many canned fruits and vegetables still contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals as their fresh equivalents, whereas fresh foods begin losing vitamins as soon as they are picked. They can lose more vitamins simply by lying in storage racks for a week.

So in this context canned vegetables and fruits may be a better source of certain nutrients. Vitamins A, D, E and K as well as minerals like iron, calcium and Omega-3 are resistant to heat treatment, so they can be stored in canned foods. Moreover, the canning process can help to increase some vitamins, like in corn or tomatoes which become richer in antioxidants when heated.

Nowadays most canned foods are also available in low-salt, no-salt, low-sugar, and no-sugar preparations for those with special dietary needs for those who want a more natural flavor. Canned tomatoes, beans, pumpkin, tuna, and salmon are very healthy. You can also make your own homemade canned food and have a much better control on the ingredients.

They are convenient and can be found almost anywhere and they don’t spoil easily and can be stored safely for a long time. It is mistakenly believed that if foods do not contain vitamins, they are just an empty set of calories. It is not so. Vitamins are important, but they are not the only useful component of food. The basis of human nutrition are proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are present in canned food. There are more minerals, the presence of which in food is equally important for normal metabolism.

No one can deny the convenience of canned foods. They don’t spoil easily and can be stored safely for a long time. They have made life easier for travelers and for all those who, according to their occupation, don’t have the opportunity to cook. In such cases canned foods are convenient. Fresh food needs to get washed cut properly and it definitely take more time to be cooked so  after a busy workday people choose canned foods which are already blenched or boiled and can be ready to eat in minutes.

Anyway whether or not buying canned food is up to you, there is no set rule that one should prefer only canned or fresh fruits and vegetables. But whatever you eat should be healthy and nutritious.

When buying canned food, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition indicated on the package. Canned food should contain only foods, sugar, salt, spices. They should not contain any chemical substances that are additional preservatives. All other artificial, chemical substances which are introduced into canned foods for the purpose of their longer storage, are undesirable because most of them are harmful to health, very often they mask the poor quality of canned food.

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